Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a quicky...

Just a quick and dirty cut -n- paste job from my Kidney-Onc List post to keep the ol' blog up to date...


Hi folks,

Well, I just read through the report from my most recent MRI of my noggin.

There's some bad news but some good news as well..

Bad news first... The right Cerebral frontal lesion shows a "very slight" increase in size.

That's the bad news. Not too bad though, eh? Especially when compared to what my imagination had cooked up for me.

Those magic words, "NED" would have been more fun but this doesn't sound too bad, considering. I'll take it.

The better news:

There was a "slight decrease in size of the hemorrhagic left parietal lesion and no regrowth or recurrence of the left posterior parietal postoperative lesion.

(I'm not sure what this next part means or if it's good or bad...) multifocal small white matter long-TR hyperintense foci unchanged without contrast enhancement and without vasogenic edema.

(If anyone has a clue about that last paragraph, comments are more than welcome.)

No evidence for herniation or for midline structural shift

(not sure about the above line either..)

And saving the best for last: NO EVIDENCE OF INTERVAL NEW METASTASES (Yay me!)

So it seems like a fairly positive report, certainly better than I had been anticipating.

I still haven't consulted with any of my onc. docs regarding my recent CT or this MRI. If no one contacts me soon, I'll get on the horn and get after them. Or better yet, I'll sick my wife on them.. that'll get them moving if anything will... :)

Hang tough, fellow RCC warriors!


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