Thursday, July 05, 2007

I don't need no doctor...

"I don`t need no doctor
My prescription tells me that
I don`t need no doctor
I don`t need no doctor

All I need is my baby
You don`t know I`m in misery

I don`t need no doctor
I don`t need no doctor

Well, the doctor said I need rest
He put me on the critical list
Keeping me safe from harm
All I need is her sweet charm

He gave me a medicated lotion
It wouldn`t do, woah yeah
My emotion, oh yeah

I don`t need no doctor
I don`t need no doctor
I don`t need no doctor"

~ Humble Pie

So I got the results back from last week's CAB (chest, abdomen, pelvis) CT scan . Looks like that shit is still growing.. The largest nodule is now up over 2cm. I'll have to check the previous scans but I believe this is the most growth I've had between my 3 months scan schedule.

Not the what I was hoping to hear but it could be worse, I suppose. AFAIK, my regular onc docs are either unable or unwilling to treat the lung lesions until my brain mets have at least stabilized (I'll know about that in about 2 weeks). Till then I guess it's RCC free-for-all party time in Joe's lungs... (Wheeee!)

Here's a cut-n-paste job from what I scanned off the report. As usual, much of it is greek to me but I'll get busy with google when I'm done here. I haven't talked to any docs yet about these results.


DATE OF EXAM: June 28, 2007 NAME OF EXAM: CT chest, abdomen and pelvis TRANSCRIPTIONIST'S INITIALS: efs COMMENT:

CT examination of the chest, abdomen and pelvis was performed following intravenous and oral contrast. Transaxial CT images were obtained through the chest from the thoracic inlet to the lung bases.

Comparison is made with previous CT dated March 12, 2007. 2.5-mm thin sections through the chest were obtained. There is a 4.8-mm in size non-calcified pulmonary nodule within the posterior right upper lung field, near the major fissure and likely within the right upper lobe, slightly better seen on the current examination.

There is a stable 4.8-mm in diameter nodule within the right middle lobe and slightly enlarged non-calcified pulmonary nodule within the right lower lobe which currently measures 12-rnjn (increased from 10-mm) in its largest dimension. On the left, there is a lobular enlarging mass within the left lower lobe which currently measures 2.4 x 2.1-cm in its largest dimension. Adjacent to this is increasing linear density consistent with scarring or atelectasis. Increased linear scarring and atelectasis is also seen more anteriorly within the lingula.

There is no evidence of pleural effusion. No new parenchyma! nodules are seen within either lung. There is no significant mediastinal or hilar adenopathy. The heart remains normal in size. There is no pericardial thickening or effusion. The great vessels appear normal.

Transaxial images from the liver dome through the symphysis pubis demonstrate normal-size liver and spleen without focal mass. The patient is status post right nephrectomy. The left kidney enhances normally without evidence of solid mass or cyst. The pancreas and left adrenal gland appear normal. The patient is status post right adrenalectomy. No intra-abdominal or pelvic adenopathy or ascites is seen. Bone windows demonstrate no definite osseous metastases. The right eleventh rib has been partially resected.

IMPRESSION: -1) In comparison with the prior CT's of March 12, 2007, multiple bilateral pulmonary nodules, the largest within the lower lobes, have increased in size. Status post right nephrectomy and right adrenalectomy. Result SCHED FOR JUNE '07


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