Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can't get high...

"Violent romantic
On a seven day binge
Losin' a gamble
But I get my revenge
Start thinking about thunder
And I get mad again
Soaking up electricity
Like bourbon and gin

Now that you're gone
I'm sober every night
I can't get high - no -
I can't get right"

~ Widespread Panic

Coffee shop day...

I think I've finally turned the corner as far as this week's steroid dose reduction.. Now down to just 1mg. am and 1 mg. pm. This was a difficult one. I began getting terrible headaches Sunday morning and had to resort to visiting good old Mr. Oxycodone. But it was a little better each day and today I'm feeling almost normal and havn't had to take any dope. (The oxy makes me feel great, even if it doesn't alwats kill the headache completely but I really don't need to develop a habit with the stuff so I try and use it sparingly..)

So it looks like I'll be going with my buddy to see Widespread Panic on the 1st. We should be able to get handicap parking and hopefully seating as well.. (I still can't walk or even stand for long periods of time). So hopefully I'll feel well enough to enjoy the music.. though it still feels odd to me to go see a show completely sober - I don't dare drink anything these days...

But I've been stuck at home so much these last few months, I'm really looking forward to it. I just hope it's not a drag for my friend having to hobble along with the sick guy..

...and I'm out!

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