Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Witch Fire

"Look at the sky turn a hell fire red
Somebody's house is burnin' down down, down down
Down, down, down."

~ Hendrix

So once again, as in Oct. of 2003 (IIRC) it seems like the entire world is burning down here in San Diego. Right now, after burning for 4 days now, the fires are in a horseshoe pattern with us in the middle. I think we'll be ok though as the Santa Ana winds are easing up some. We just hope the wind doesn't shift and start blowing to the south/west.

The fire came within a stone's throw of our house in 2003 and our neighborhood was evac'd. It hasn't come that close this time around even though this fire is even larger than the 2003 Cedar fire. It's pretty scary regardless.

We really, really need a good rainy season around here... everything is dry as can be.

Nothing much new on the medical front. I'm hoping to have the report from last week's scan in hand by this Friday. I believe they would have called by now if anything too bad was seen so I am hopeful that I'll get a good report and be able to continue on with the Sutent.

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