Thursday, October 11, 2007

What color is God?

"Why can't you tell me, can't you tell me?
What colour is god?"

~ Fish

Watching the News always makes me wonder about this world we live in.

Why do so many people object to the word "God"? Especially when associated with the United States?

I should tell you that I am not a religious person, though I'm not quite an atheist either. But I just read a story about a man that requested that a U.S. flag that was to be used as a memorial for the man's grandfather, a WWII vet, to include a certificate that had the words, "God, Country and Family".

But when the man received the certificate, it included only the words, "Country and Family". No deities allowed, apparently.

What gives? It doesn't specify which god. Don't most if not all deities translate as "god" when spoken or written in english? And if you're an atheist or agnostic then why would it effect you one way or another? You don't believe in him anyway, right?

People are really weird.

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