Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Here's another cut n paste job from my latest List post...


Last night, one of my onc docs called me back late in the day and insisted that I increase my steroids back to near my original dose.

I can't remember everything she said but apparently, I have "a lot going on" with new growth in my brain and this is the only way to control it until I enter treatment (whatever that turns out to be..) I assume she meant controlling the swelling seen on my MRI last week.

I am pretty disappointed because I had been scaling back my dose (under doctor's instruction) and only had a week to go before I'd have been off them completely, even if only for a short time... I really hate taking those things.

Still, I have to admit that even though I've been feeling fairly good lately, I can already tell that my mind is clearer after only 24 hours on the higher dose.

I am still waiting for the written report from the MRI as which time I'll have a clearer picture of just how bad my new situation is. I get the feeling, judging from the way the doc relayed the news to me that I'm in a bit of trouble this time around.

The odd thing is, over the last week or so and with a few exceptions, I'm feeling better than I have in several weeks

Oh well, back to the drawing board...


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