Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Go Chargers!

Well, here I am once more in Beautiful Hollywood, CA. for the 2nd time this year to have my head zapped by the big Novalis machine.

I'm in a cybercafe right on Hollywood Blvd. - Fun, if you like people watching like I do.

This time, I'm here for just one little .5mm met recently found in my left temporal lobe. That should be a snap but the rad. onc. in charge did warn me that sometimes they find more on these scans which apparently are more capable at picking stuff up than the leser machines used back at San Diego Kaiser.

I guess they bring out the big guns for folks like me. He also said that occasionally, they'll find nothing at all - I guess sometimes this happens with people on Sutent though I believe it's rare.

Still it's something to be hoped for.

Assuming they do find a little something, which seems likely, I am scheduled for a date with the Novalis machine tomorrow and should be home safe in San Diego by Thursday.

I hope everyone else is doing well and will post again once I know the story here.

Peace and good health to all RCC warriors!

- Joe

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